13450291_10157021439075371_6111354507917322812_nI am the girl who speeds to an abrupt stop, jumps out of the car, and starts snapping photos of random barns on the side of the road. I love their architecture – clean lines, peaked roof, and endless possibilities for open concept living.

Their seasoned timbers, sturdy roofs, varied shapes and styles of ornamentation are passing into history now, but I dream of restoring a barn one day, preserving and reusing its architecture and creating my modern dream home.

My style is quirky, playful, clean, and carefully curated. My signature is mixing old and new and giving old pieces new life and unexpected uses. Neutral walls with pops of retro colour, mixing old and new pieces, painted wood furniture,  metal chairs, vintage wood crates and wire baskets, industrial lighting, and unexpected accessories.

I would prefer to go antiquing and thrift shopping over a trip to the mall any day. I would rather drive an old ford pick up truck than a BMW. And, I can’t imagine a life without mittens.

Decadence to me is a Hudson’s Bay striped wool blanket, a latte (with extra foam), being around funny people, and a good ol’ fashioned game of scrabble.

I may live in the city. But, my heart belongs to a simpler way of life.This blog is dedicated to that ‘chic farm girl’ lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo chicfarmgirl