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A Pumpkin Makeover!

The jack-o-lantern is about to get a much deserved makeover!

There are so many new and whimsical ways to add pumpkins in to your home decor -the new trends are bright, modern, and playful and offer more livable options – decorations that you don’t mind leaving up for longer than just Halloween night!

Pumpkin Trends for 2016

CHIC ALERT Metallics are all the rage – try spraying your pumpkins in gold or dripping gilded pastel paint for instant abstract art!



CUTE ALERT Have a little fun by adding text to your pumpkins – use a stencil, buy ready made letter decals OR paint your pumpkins in chalkboard paint and use chalk to scribe away!


PLAYFUL ALERT Go abstract and grab a paintbrush to paint playful dots!



PRETTY ALERT Carve out a vessel for plants and bouquets to live for an instant centerpiece!


Happy October!

xo chic farm girl.



mother, foodstylist, DIY enthusiast, antique shop hunter, master fusser, food fanatic, and decorating magazine collector.

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