Scrub up!


Truth be told, I have become *slightly* obsessed with sinks.  For all of the time I have spent using sinks over the course of my life, I never really paid too much attention to them, so long as the tap worked.  Until now.

We are in the process of planning a moderate home renovation that includes re-locating our main floor bathroom, adding a walk-in pantry, and adding an entrance on to our back deck.

So, I am hungry for inspiration, spending all of my free time on pinterest, houzz, instagram and mulling over house plans, sourcing products, and dreaming up possibilities.  Its all part of the fun, right?!

But, lately, I find myself pinning sinks. Just sinks. Weird, I know. But, you will spend a lot of time with the same sink (it’s not an easy thing to change-up on a whim!) Not to mention that it owns a pretty important piece of the real estate in a 2-piece bathroom.

This bathroom will tuck just inside the door to the backyard, off the mudroom so the sink has to act as a utility sink (think gardening hands, paint brushes, and mops). But, it still has to look great.

I like a bit of a vintage/ farmhouse/ industrial feel in my home so, no pretty porcelain sinks for me here!

Here are some of my favourite!



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