the art of the party.

To me, success is in the details. November in my house is a festival of parties – with three birthdays all within the span of a few weeks and two of those three are on the same day! It’s a whirlwind of celebration.

Birthdays do not have to be complicated or extravagant. I like to start with a theme. With their input and taking clues from their interests, each party should have a unique personality – just like them!

For my daughter, it was her love of all things Paris and more specifically, french macarons! The girls had mid-afternoon french patisserie and decorated little wooden Paris boxes. The boxes became their “treat bags.”


For my husband, it was his love of all things spicy and bbq’d! This year, was his BIG 4-0 so, “still hot at 40” took center stage with hot sauce swag for all of our guests! Easy drop-in style meant a revolving door of family and friends dropping by for a brew and some bar snacks.


For my son, his party celebrated his sweet tooth (he comes by it honestly!) with a morning donut and pjs party!


Happy Birthday to my crew – 8, 40, & 6! XO





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