Oh Christmas tree.

What is it about little bottle brush trees that gets me every. single. time.

bottle brush Christmas trees = obsession

Collect, make, decorate, craft….I can’t get enough of them.

Each December, I look most forward to seeing my little collection of bottle brush Christmas trees. I have a small flock of them that congregate on my fireplace mantel.

The only information I’ve been able to track down on bottle brush trees is that the Addi’s Bottle Brush Company began to dye their toilet bowl brushes in post-war times and assemble them into Christmas trees. The English, in particular, took to them since they had a shortage of evergreens after the war.

I have made all kinds of crafts with these little furs – snow globes, place cards,  gift topper, wreaths, villages. But, my favorite thing is to build a whimsical forest of them – in all colours, shapes, and sizes. They make me smile in their simplicity. They remind me of everything I love about decorating for the Holidays – a mix of playful, nostalgic and wintery goodness.

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