Home sweet home.

Their seasoned timbers, sturdy roofs, varied shapes and styles of ornamentation are passing into history now, but I dream of restoring a barn one day, preserving and reusing its architecture and creating my dream home.

I am the girl who speeds to a stop, jumps out of the car, and starts snapping photos of random barns on the side of the road. I love their architecture – clean lines, peaked roof, and endless possibilities for open concept living.

Whether grand or modest in scale, weathered grey or brightly painted, rectangular, round, or polygonal, alone in a vast field or nestled on a hillside, barns are my happy place. They are romantic and nostalgic  – drawing us back in time to an era when life was more arduous, but perhaps more serene than it is today.

I also obsessively research  barn conversions. Here are some of my favourite examples of modern barn conversions –

I don’t know if I will ever be lucky enough to embark on a barn conversion but, I will never tire of dreaming of it…

Home sweet “barn” home.

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