The art of THE sock.

d8351c5ac49320e0bd6d830b6992dfbeThe Christmas  stocking is a sacred thing in my house. I would be willing to forego gift giving altogether and just focus on the sock, filled to the toe with little gifts. I take my stocking responsibilities pretty seriously. I love the idea of crafting an experience – each gift, carefully chosen and individually wrapped, all fitting together like a puzzle.

What makes a good sock?

I collect things throughout the year when I see them. That way, it is a true “collection” of gifts that truly captures the recipient’s interests.

But, here are some guidance that I use to create the perfect sock –

  1. Something humorous.
  2. Something handmade. By you.
  3. Something to read.
  4. Something to eat.
  5. Something to wear.
  6. Something that they need.
  7. Something that they don’t need.

I also wrap each gift in craft paper and with a sharpie, I write little notes that hint to what is inside. For example, “to keep you warm” might be a pair of handmade mittens or “perk up” might be a bag of fresh ground coffee from local roasters.

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