I am not a very logical person; it’s true. And, perhaps that is why I spend hours puzzling over puzzles. You see; there is really only one place for each piece to fit and they eventually find a way to each other. It is actually sort of comforting – a whole box of pieces that will essentially all fit together – because even the hardest puzzle has a solution.

My latest puzzle – an aerial view of Manhattan was a big undertaking. Towering skyscrapers, water and sky have a way of all looking the same until they are part of a larger picture. But, I find the art of making puzzles calming, relaxing, and it trains my mind to handle the larger pieces – in life.

Here is what I have learned from puzzles –

People are like puzzles. They take time and patience to understand.

You shouldn’t have to break yourself or move your pieces. If it was designed for you it would fit.

Its not about the pieces but how they work together.

Be patient. Just like a puzzle, it takes time for all of the pieces in life to come together.

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