It’s easy to get caught up in disappointment, regret, and frustration. And, unfortunately, it is easier to focus ourselves on what it wrong and not what is right. I get it. There is so much negativity in the world, it takes a lot of work to stay centered on happiness.

I ask my kids what their favourite part of their day was – EVERY day. I want them to be grateful for each and every experience. Some days, they are more enthusiastic than others and that’s okay. I want them to celebrate what they are happy about and also feel comfortable sharing things that are not so great, too.


With Thanksgiving approaching, I came up with an idea to craft gratitude leaves. Its a great way for kids to understand the act of giving thanks and offers a  great visual and tangible way to see all the things they are thankful for. I decided that each year marks an important chapter in our lives and as we close each chapter, it might be nice to reflect on what we are most thankful for.  It’s also a nice way of marking each year going forward. I only wish I had thought of it earlier.

The great thing about gratitude is there is no wrong answer. If you are thankful for something, it matters.

Here are some of the things I am grateful for this year.

Being a mother.

The MacKay family’s Summer visit.

My new job.

Family bonfires at sunset.

Puzzles in the sun-porch.

Gray’s laugh when he’s tickled.

Eight years of marriage.

Thursday night drinks with co-workers.

Ice cream and wine, in bed, in NYC.

Meeting Iris.

A good hug.

A good sleep.

My parents, always.


Hiking Signal Hill.

McNab’s island beach days.

Meghan and Chris.

Elle’s creativity.

Gray’s affection.











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