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Simple happy.

One year later… Glamping,here we come!

chic farm girl

I am not a camper. I prefer the beach over the woods. I would describe myself as more of a rustic cottage girl. I hate bugs {they love me}. I dislike tents. And, I had a traumatic childhood incident at “camp” that involved vomit and a bunk bed {don’t ask}. I love “getting away from it all” –reconnecting with family and friends, no agendas, and living in the moment. I love sand between my toes, beach-combing, reading magazines, bonfires, and the sound of the waves.

My kids; it seems, have inherited the beach bum syndrome too {so thankful!}.

We spent our first official weekend in the family trailer, parked permanently in a sand dune on the beach on the warm, balmy Northumberland Shore in Nova Scotia. I wasn’t sure what the kids {or me!} would think of living out of a camper but, we all embraced it. We played in the…

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mother, foodstylist, DIY enthusiast, antique shop hunter, master fusser, food fanatic, and decorating magazine collector.

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