Make new

There are the people who like things shiny and new. And, then the sorts of people (like me) who prefer things that have done a bit of living already. I am in love with the notion that antiques are castaways that are looking for love.  I am not sure what it is, really, that I find so appealing about old things.  I guess it is nostalgic. And, searching for something truly unique.

My grandmother was a collector – stamps, coins, match boxes, tea cups, spoons, postcards so, maybe I came by it naturally?

On a recent drive through the country, my  six-year-old daughter warned me to “not bring anything home that was old and rusty.” It made me smile. Someday, she may like antiques – she does have a tendency to “collect” things already. But, for now, my cherished ‘finds’ are just “old things” that “smell funny” and “need fixing”. She complains about the peeling paint from old tables and frames in our home, my beloved tin dishware and rusty wire baskets; the old musty books, that line our bookshelves and the vintage broken cameras on display.

But, there is magic in all of these things. She just can’t see it yet.

When I visit an antique store, I go in to a euphoric state of happiness. Addicted to the tactical quality of antique shopping. I could spend hours looking, smelling, and touching. My daughter often comments when I pull over to visit an antique shop that “mommy is on a mission”. Perhaps it is a sort of mission. To cherish yesterdays and inject a bit of the past in to our shiny and new world.

Maybe things that don’t work are no longer for function. But, little pieces of old longing to be made new again.

(Here are some of my collections…)

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