dream a little {cottage} dream

When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to spend my Summers at a cottage perched on the water’s edge. My family rented a smallish place on “Second Beach” close to my grandparent’s farm-house and a short distance from the town of Parrsboro. It wasn’t elaborate – just a quaint little home with creaky floors and loads of character. There were places to lounge, read, entertain, eat, and play. Days didn’t require plans, clothes didn’t have to match, and shoes were optional. I remember my mother doing crafts at the table, my father and brother going fishing {I would squeal when I got to touch their catch of the day!} and evenings spent with neighbors on the beach surrounding a big ol’ fire {with s’mores, of course}.

From that moment, I had my heart set on living a cottage life.

My someday cottage will be nestled in the woods, steps from the beach, and world’s away from reality.  My pinterest board is full of ideas – some realistic; others,  not so much. But, a true cottage is an escape – a retreat that brings happiness in the eyes of the beholder. So, in true cottage spirit, I am enjoying the process of dreaming cottage-y architecture and decor.

And, so our cottage story has begun…at least in my mind.

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