There is something magical when your child says, “I love you” for the first time. And, as they get older, they learn what that means and so when they say it, it means that much more.  My daughter makes my day when she says, “I love you” which I quickly follow-up, saying, “I love you more.” That conversation use to go on to include words like world, universe, infinity…but, now, she just looks at me and responds, “mama, I love you more than anything you are going to say.”

She knows my love has no boundaries or limits. She is right.

When you have children, you give up the privilege of being and doing whatever you want, on a whim. It sounds like a difficult thing to master but, when you become a mother, that transition is seamless {for most}.  Something switches inside. There are moments that you miss the life you had when you were only responsible for yourself. But, the moments you spend with your kids and the profound influence they have on you far outweighs these passing thoughts. There is no wiggle room for being selfish.


I struggle with the thought of parents which for whatever reason can’t spend each and every day with their children. I struggle even more with those that have selfishly decided to not spend time with their kids. I can’t imagine not experiencing the joy and the challenges that come with parenting. No matter how many temper tantrums, arguments, or struggles I face as a parent, I never take that responsibility for granted. Because some people are not given the opportunity. And, that is a struggle that I can’t bare to think about.

My kids and I have another frequent conversation. When someone says, “guess what?” you answer,”I love you.” I can’t think of a better answer to anything.



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