Well loved layers.

A quilt is a type of blanket, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding, and a woven back, combined using the technique of quilting.

My Nannie Annie was a quilter. So, was my Grandma Lillian. I have always been mesmerized by the detail and work that went in to quilting, the hours of crafting, and the decision and coordination of fabric. I find it fascinating that these quilts have become heirlooms within families, wrapping generations in warmth, and decorating homes with reminders of yesterday.

My daughter, Elle, chose one of my Nannie’s quilts as her security blanket. She could have chosen any number of blankets that we wrapped her in, but, she gravitated towards its soft, worn comfort. It is hardly recognizable now – that blanket was well-loved until it disintegrated. But, there is something heartwarming about how she loved that quilt through all of its layers.


Quilts are a classic covering and never go out of style – they are colourful and cheerful, mismatched and quirky, detailed, minimal, modern, or traditional. But, they all capture the quilter’s imagination and dedication. And; best of all, just like our elders, they just get better with age – taking on a beautiful patina and texture.

I want to make a quilt {someday} to commemorate my grandmothers and so that my own children will have those layers to share with their families. And, I just love the idea of making something come to life with my very own hands.

Here are some of my inspirations. Now, I just need to learn HOW to do it!

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