Eat. Plant. Love.

So, everyone knows that food comes from the ground, trees, or living things, right? Yet, when you ask a child where food comes from, many will respond, “the grocery store”.



Our food story can be complicated for city dwelling kids to grasp but, what better way to teach children than to grow food of their own?

Studies repeatedly show the importance of having children spend time outside. The positive impacts of outdoor time include better health and socialization, as well as improved attention and focus. Children who are involved in growing vegetables are more inclined to eat them.

Sounds great, right?


A few weekends ago, my 6-year-old daughter, Elle and 4-year-old son, Gray, and I planted a few seeds in starter containers – that we will later plant (container and all!) in the ground once they take root. I let the kids pick out what they want to try growing , they chose: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and snow peas. Elle wrote the names of the seeds on each container and gray added the dirt (boys!) and immediately, there was an assembly line created.


Seeing the wonder in Elle’s eyes as we watch the shoots getting bigger is priceless. And, the dedication and enthusiasm that they both show for tending to the seeds is heartwarming.

I cannot wait to see their pride in the harvest! I will be documenting their gardening journey on instagram in the coming months.

Stay tuned…

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