There are the sorts of art that people stare at, appreciate, and collect. And, then the sorts of “art” that are short for Arthur.

In 2003, I met Arthur {Art} Drysdale. He was many things – lovable, witty, and passionate. A storyteller, songwriter, and art collector. He was also a natural host – opening up his home to many a party, houseguest, or person in need of a friend. It was hard to keep up with him but, we all tried because he was larger than life. I had the privilege of working, travelling, and sharing time with him for most of my working life thus far.  It is hard to not feel a sense of great loss in losing a friend like Art.

He was irreplaceable, one of a kind; an original.

Today, I said goodbye to my friend.  It wasn’t goodbye as much as it was a celebration and all the “moments” he had cultivated and the lives that he had touched in doing so. Art treated everyone like family and made fast friends with all walks of life. He saw beauty in the ordinary and could turn an office cubical in to the world’s best party in minutes. He could make just about anything in to a song and made sure we all sang along. He was enthusiastic and loyal. And, worked as hard as he played.

I don’t think any of us will ever accept that he is gone. But, I do know that he has changed each person that knew him for the better. We are all a little more comfortable with ourselves, open to new people and experiences, and ready to sing along.

Robbie Burns said it best, “…If there’s another world, he lives in bliss; If there is none, he made the best of this.”

Happy Birthday Arthur. It was a packed house in your beloved hometown of Wallace today but, you already know that. You wouldn’t miss a party like that.

2 Replies to “Art”

  1. That is a very touching tribute to a friend that I met 9 yrs. ago in Mexico at a Food Trade Show. The day I met Art or as I called him Arturo we hit it off and I never looked back. He invited me to come to the Wallace Weekend to cook the Paella he tasted at my place one evening he visited me in Ottawa. So last year I came to cook his Paella for all his guests and from what I gathered it was well received. So now that my friend has gone ahead of us to prepare the settings for another gathering in the future, I will be coming back this year to cook his Paella and share it with all his family and friends.

    1. Thank you Angel for commenting and sharing your story. Art had a way of connecting people together like no one else that I know. He would be thrilled to know that you are coming back.

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