me too?

Enthusiasm is lost these days in a world full of abbreviations, hashtags, and emoticons. So, when you spend time with a four-year old who is up for anything, it is a refreshing reminder.

If you ask my son anything, he will most likely respond with one of these two statements, “I go too?” or “me too?” He doesn’t want to miss out on anything  – a side effect of having an older sister, I’m sure. But, there is something endearing about this child-like curiosity and unfiltered emotion that is contagious.

It has me thinking. When do we stop being so open to experiences? without judgment? or, pretense? I think we can all attest to feeling more at home on the other side of that coin, saying things like, “not today, I have too much to do” or “not sure if I can do that or want to do that or feel like doing that etc. , etc. ”

Enthusiastic people are fun to be around. People enjoy spending time with those who have a child-like excitement about life. So, why do we knowingly dismiss it as being immature or irresponsible? What if our first reaction was “sure, why not?”

I am not afraid to seem silly or unrefined. But, like others, I over think my actions and far too easily play behind-the-scenes roles. What if my goal was to be fun, embrace laughter, and be spontaneous?

I am looking to my son as an example. And, I might just start quoting him too. “me too?”…

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