+ one.

One year older. Again. But, “+ one” doesn’t really mean anything – age is just a number.

I have learned to not associate age with success. Life happens, plans change, and the “what” seems to matter a lot more than the “when”.

My twenties were a rush hour traffic jam. I remember making a “deal” with my then best friend that if he and I were not otherwise engaged by the age of 30, we would marry each other. I always said that I would be a mother before 30 and, I did – twice! I wanted to own a house, a car, and have a career and not “dilly dally” my way through my 20’s.

Thankfully, I have slowed down a bit in my 30’s. My husband and I were supposed to go on a honeymoon to Paris; that was over 7 years ago. But, I am happy just knowing that I will get to the-city-of-love someday.

I am more confident, self-aware, and comfortable in my skin than I ever have been in my life. I find myself actually living IN the moment, more. And, caring what other people think, less.

On paper, my 30’s have been pretty great so far. My heart feels pretty great too – and, that means more to me than ever before.

+ one …here I come!




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