Dreams on wheels.

They say good things come in small packages so, it doesn’t come as a surprise that “big box” stores are not for everyone (myself included).

If owning a storefront housed inside of a shipping container taught me anything, it reaffirmed my pursuit to bring small scale retail to the forefront. In my heart, I firmly believe that boutique shopping will remain long after traditional retail has been taken over by online shopping. People will crave the art of display, and the tactile aspect of seeing, touching, and experiencing their goods. It seems that retail footprints are growing larger by the second in North America. But, I am not convinced.

Take food trucks for instance – they experienced a boom just as the economy started to tank. Restaurateurs who were hesitant to drop serious cash on launching a restaurant turned to mobile trucks as a less expensive way to sell food in a down economy. Social media has played a large role in not only making food trucks more accessible, but allowing them to cultivate the crucial element of community.

Lately, I’m dreaming about retail options of the mobile sort. Quirky transportation (camper vans, trailers, buses) re-purposed into little treasure troves. Chic shopping destinations that offer an irreplaceable experience. Books, antiques, coffee, home decor…I haven’t decided what  but, its my someday dream on wheels…



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