Spring Awakening.

I took off a few layers yesterday. The ground was bare. I felt moist, warm spring air, I am certain of it.

But; today, I woke up to a blanket of snow cover. Yet again.

I could blame it on our unpredictable Atlantic Canadian climate. It’s true, I am on the cusp of Spring and ready to say goodbye to winter.  I am eagerly awaiting change, anticipating my next steps, and poised to throw myself in to the next chapter.  But, just like life, there are no clear endings or beginnings.

My eagerness is only a sign that I am ready for a thaw. 

I so desperately want to throw open the windows, breathe in fresh air, and explore the world again without being afraid of frost bite.

A Spring awakening is a perfect description of my current state of being. I want to ditch my woolly socks and experience life in the flesh.

Who’s with me?!

Spring Awakening. This line...it's beautiful, the true beauty in it makes me close to tears everytime


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