There is nothing more exciting than yelling a good “bingo”.  It just takes patience, confidence, and a bit of luck to get there…

My new coworkers and I attended a community bingo hall last night after work, still dressed in our corporate attire and heels.  In between the number calling, witty banter and friendly competition, I realized that 2014 has already been a bingo win for me. I wake up each morning now and look forward to spending the day with these strong, smart, and dynamic women. They inspire me. They support me. And, they make me laugh out loud. The work is creatively challenging and a great marriage of all of my skills and experience to date. I feel valued and challenged in every way possible. And, after a few years of questioning my career path, I finally feel like I love my job. It all just, fits.

I can yell “bingo!” out my office door at any moment of the day now and it would be justified. The best part though, it wouldn’t be strange at all. These women are just as quirky, animated, and outgoing as me. I am in good company.

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