He calls me mama.

I had a boy four years ago. He came one month early. And, he is by far the sweetest person I know. I call him “little man”. He likes the colour blue, loves the water and has a serious sweet tooth. He is gentle and kind and melts my heart each and every day.

View More: http://wonkyeye.pass.us/langleyHow my life has changed since having a boy:
I enthusiastically point out every train, boat, bus, and airplane (even when I am alone).
I quote Disney’s CARS movies.
I know the names of every piece of heavy equipment and can identify all construction vehicles.
“woody” is part of my everyday conversations.
View More: http://wonkyeye.pass.us/langleyI hear car sound effects in my sleep.
I have not had a night of uninterrupted sleep in four years.

Pancakes have become their own food group in our house.

You do not leave sticks outside.

I have not felt more loved in all my life.

 View More: http://wonkyeye.pass.us/langley


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