family is…

They say that good things come in small packages.

I did not truly understand that statement until I became a mother.

Children are the most honest and genuine version of human beings. Spending time with them is enlightening. They view situations with  such clarity and communicate their thoughts without a filter. They actually teach me more things that I would ever be able to teach them.

For example, my daughter asked me who was coming to our brunch on the weekend to celebrate the three November birthdays in our house. I replied, “just family”. She paused and said, “well mommy sometimes friends are like family too.” She is absolutely right.

And, it just so happened, that this very same day, a handmade card arrived for the birthday bunch from a friend’s little girl. In it, was our  stick family and their stick family drawn on the inside of the card. But, the most telling part of her artwork was that our families were interspersed. We were not separated, segregated or labelled as one family or the other. We just were all together. And, that is just as a family should be.

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