My Girl.

Six years ago I was in the hospital, in labour, and had not the faintest idea of what was in store. Elle Adison was born on her due date, punctual at just 11 minutes after midnight. And, on her father’s birthday. I have always been really good at finding the perfect gift for people.


Motherhood is a roller coaster. Just when you think you have it “figured out”, you’re caught off guard, often speechless, conflicted, guilty, exhausted and completely swallowed up by the love that you have for these little people.

Elle is silly, bright, affectionate, charismatic, full of gumption, quiet in crowds, incredibly creative, animated and full of imagination. She has the most beautiful fair olive skin and natural loose curls. She sleeps like a log. And, wakes up with the sun. She is impatient and stubborn {qualities that she got from her father 🙂 }. And, from her momma – a lot of whimsy and enthusiasm. She is incredibly picky about the company that she keeps {I hope this is always true}. She is unpredictable and wears her heart on her sleeve. She would eat candy all day if we let her. She collects and treasures (hoards) each and everything she is given. She challenges me in ways no one else has. And, she gives me love that I never knew was possible.


But, most of all, she is my Elle. This little girl who walked in to my life and made me a mother. Just like that. And, that was all it took – I will love her forever.

Happy Birthday Elle and Adam.

Let’s EAT cake!

3 Replies to “My Girl.”

  1. We will always LOVE her forever. She is our precious little treasure and we miss her so much when we don’t see her (for even a short time). Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!! Nannie & Grampie

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