Poppy Lake Magic.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Life-noise is defined as:
Interference on ones life from outside influences, such as work, domestic duties, social & economic factors. aka stress.
In simple terms: the days when you just can’t relax & your whole life is buzzing around you – well that buzzing is ‘life-noise’.
We spent the Remembrance Day weekend at a friend’s lake cottage – surrounded my friends (the kindred spirit kind), great food and drink, a lot of crafting and cozy fireside chats. Away from all life noise.
But, it was Remembrance Day that made this weekend especially memorable. We decided to build our own Remembrance Day ceremony and the children handcrafted the elements of the event. We painted and cut out paper poppies, attached them to a handmade spruce wreath (and one to each of our coats) and constructed a simple wood float with kindling and twine. The children wrote a poem about what Remembrance Day means to them and each family read a verse before setting the wreath on to the float to drift out on to the lake. We recited In Flanders Fields and listened to Taps. It was the perfect example of eliminating life noise and finding a way for children to engage in the meaning and celebration of this occasion.
A new tradition was born.
And, the only life noise that existed was the kind that warms your heart.

One Reply to “Poppy Lake Magic.”

  1. Amanda – I love this post, the beauty of life is in the simple authentic real moments like the one you created with your families this weekend – thanks for sharing and inspiring. It’s hard to get away from the noise of life especially as we head into the holiday season and this has me thinking about other ways we can bring meaning and connectedness to this time of year. Thanks – Margo

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