This morning, my daughter reminded me that this was a long weekend coming up. One that she quickly confirmed would have “3 stay home days” and “turkey”. I love my morning commute to drop the kids off at school and preschool. I may not love it as much come December but, these crisp, sunshiny autumn mornings are perfect opportunities for candid conversations and colourful observations. I come in to work each morning smiling about something said on these little walks.

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Today was no different.

Walking hand in hand, we talked about Thanksgiving. I said that I was {of course} thankful for each of them. My daughter looked up at me, exasperated  saying “mommy, you said that last year!”

So, I asked, “what are you both thankful for?”


Without hesitation; she responds, “adventure hikes”.  I smiled.

I realize that this is what I am most thank full for. I have conversations with these little people who force me to live in the moment, appreciate life and give me a reason to smile out of the blue.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Wishing you the kind of moment that makes you smile. Just because.

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Amanda Xo

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