Nesting instinct.

My husband says that I am never content with my aesthetic surroundings. I admit, I have a constant need to improve, fluff, edit, re-locate, collect, paint, and improve my living space until it is perfect. I usually have a vision in my mind of exactly how I want something to look but time, money, or logistics prolong its journey to perfection. And, then there are the seasonal issues…

This nesting instinct goes in to overdrive when the seasons change.


As the first official day of fall approaches, I have already started my autumn nesting period. Cozy throws have been gently rolled in to woven baskets in each room. Shells and beach glass have been replaced with jars of pinecones and acorns. Colourful bouquets are giving way to woodland inspired decor and twig arrangements.


And, I am dreaming of wallpaper, plaid and wool. I want to wear my boots and scarves with every outfit and fill my outdoor planters with garden mums and pumpkins. I move the furniture in cozy clusters, away from windows and open curtains. And, instead focus on fireplaces and rugs underfoot.


I love Summer but, every September, as autumn approaches, I are reminded of how easy it is to fall in love with it too.

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