A beach break.

The only time I get to relax is at the beach. My kids run free and I sit still. My only concern is keeping them protected from the sun and hydrated. They entertain one another and are blissfully happy for hours on end. Without any coaching, discipline, or rules.

Turns out, they need it as much as we do.

The school year is jam packed full of to do lists, events, and schedules. But, for a few weeks each year, we watch our kids run free on the beach. I get to watch them not because I need to but because I want to. I don’t need to remind them to wash their hands, share with each other, stop whining, be quiet, go to the bathroom, include each other, be respectful, …they just are.  I love watching them content, carefree, and happy.

I feel blessed that I have a boat and I get the opportunity to escape the city heat and head to a private island beach. I don’t take it for granted, even for a moment. My kids don’t play summer sports {yet}. We don’t do any organized activities for those precious summer months. We keep our weekends wide open.

We all get a delightful, completely selfish, much-needed break. And, I get to watch two little beach bums make memories right before my eyes.

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