Top 10. City LOVE.

I worked in the downtown core for more than ten years. Frequenting downtown lunch spots, meandering my way around the  boutique lined streets, supporting local businesses as much as I could.  My new job has taken me to a new part of the city – a more car versed neighbourhood. And, while I like my office; there are few places in HRM as special as our downtown. I started my career there. I met my husband working at our waterfront provincial museum. I opened my first retail storefront on the boardwalk.

I love the energy, culture, and eye candy that happens in the city core. Not to mention the foodie options that Superstore can’t replace here at my new digs.

Here are the top 10 reasons I miss working in downtown Halifax.

  1. Browsing Inkwell. Like walking in to an ETSY storefront.
  2. Dharma Sushi. Every Thursday.
  3. Rainy lunches spent at the Art Gallery.
  4. Drooling over new arrivals at Biscuit.
  5. Great coffee. A different place for each day of the week!
  6. Exploring thrift shops on Queen.
  7. Picnic lunches at the Pubic Gardens.
  8. People watching.
  9. Pete’s Frootique for grabbing fresh ingredients.
  10. Living life by foot.

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