Simple happy.

I am not a camper. I prefer the beach over the woods. I would describe myself as more of a rustic cottage girl. I hate bugs {they love me}. I dislike tents. And, I had a traumatic childhood incident at “camp” that involved vomit and a bunk bed {don’t ask}. I love “getting away from it all” –reconnecting with family and friends, no agendas, and living in the moment. I love sand between my toes, beach-combing, reading magazines, bonfires, and the sound of the waves.

My kids; it seems, have inherited the beach bum syndrome too {so thankful!}.

We spent our first official weekend in the family trailer, parked permanently in a sand dune on the beach on the warm, balmy Northumberland Shore in Nova Scotia. I wasn’t sure what the kids {or me!} would think of living out of a camper but, we all embraced it. We played in the sand, splashed in the waves, had mud fights, toasted marshmallows, went boating, collected seashells, picked wild flowers, didn’t wear shoes for days – it was lovely. I felt content.

Despite some bug bites and a few minor cuts from shells, we were happy. We didn’t pack toys or electronics, but, no one noticed or seemed to care. And, no one wanted to leave. It made me realize that all the things *we think that our children need* is in OUR head. I asked my three-year old son if he would like to live in the trailer, he thought about it for a moment and replied, “if we get a tv”. It made me laugh – we own a nice house in a lovely neighborhood, surrounded by interesting and inspiring people, good restaurants, culture, quality schools; we have a car, a boat, and countless other things we are thankful for.

But, my kids would be just as comfortable, living in a trailer. Simple. Happy.

4 Replies to “Simple happy.”

  1. Gorgeous post! I can completely relate to your feelings around the “stuff” we feel like we need to drag around with us to entertain the kids. I usually find myself packing a few key toys or books when we head out for a weekend in our trailer, and then my daughter plays with pine cones and rocks. I think it’s kind of a beautiful reminder of how simple my kiddo’s world is: as long as momma and daddy are there, the rest doesn’t matter.

  2. I took my kids and a few of their friends cottaging, not far from your spot. One fella took out a tablet and asked me what the wifi password was, I replied, “at the beach”, he said it doesn’t work. I said, ” I know.”

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