a little bit country.

I was born, raised and still live in the city. But, I love the country.

I often wonder where that came from? How did I fall in love with the idea of farm life and covet things that others might find boring or trash worthy.

Because there is simplicity in their beauty. And, in a technology driven, fast paced, uncensored, materialistic, big box world, it is refreshing to just. BE.

I sometimes feel at odds with humanity. I read the news and feel disheartened. I wonder if raising kids in the country would be easier? If people are healthier and live a more balanced lifestyle? Are they more mindful of ‘living in the moment’?

Simple can be a wonderful thing.

Here are 25 reasons why I love the country:

  1. peeling paint
  2. old barns
  3. the smell of freshly cut grass
  4. grazing cows
  5. wildflowers
  6. porch swings
  7. vintage ford pick ups
  8. church bazaars
  9. antique stores
  10. farm markets
  11. dirt roads
  12. night sky filled with stars
  13. mismatched cutlery
  14. farm house sinks
  15. creaky floors
  16. thick base boards
  17. homemade jam
  18. friends just dropping by unexpectedly
  19. listening to birds
  20. living off the land
  21. tree swings
  22. general stores that really do carry everything
  23. pots of tea
  24. things made from scratch
  25. homemade bread

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