Are you MY mother?

Motherhood is consuming. Exhausting. Unselfish. Challenging. Imperfect. Reflective. There are no breaks from the job of parenthood. Ever.

There is no manual.

Deciding to become a parent and welcoming a baby in to your home is remarkable, a life changing event that is mostly task focused – diapers, feeding, loving. The hard part is when these perfect innocent beings grow in to people that we are responsible for nurturing, educating, and molding.

I want so many things for my kids. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t question if I am doing enough? Am I exposing them to the right things? Should I be doing more? Are they happy? Are they eating well? Should I be more stringent on less television and more outdoor play? I need to discipline more. It is never-ending…

But, the truth is, I just want my children to be… kind.

My favorite moments as a mother are the ones that I watch them being intuitively kind to each other and to others – sharing, showing empathy, helping, expressing love; without being asked. It makes my heart so full. It is simple but, carries so much weight.

It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with, or what circumstances you face. The picture below is so powerful. When I get sucker punched in the heart by my children’s behavior (which DOES happen), I want to remember that I can’t expect perfection all the time. But, kindness; it is the goal, always. And, that is something that I can expect. Period.


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