choose JOY. Always.

{Channeling my 20 something years, I write this post}.

I know how it feels like you are never enough. As you live  your journey, you will realize that this will always be true. You will feel a heaviness in your heart that I hope will give you an inner compass, rather than heartache. You will doubt yourself enough without surrounding yourself with people to do it for you. You won’t have all the answers but, please don’t ever be afraid to have a voice.  In time, you will feel more confident and less insecure. You will feel more beautiful and feel less of a need for perfection. 

As a mother to a very artistic, free-spirited and sensitive girl, I know that these life lessons will be harder to teach without retrospect and experience. But, the truth is, no one really has it all figured out, no matter what age.

In a perfect world, we listen to our heart just as much as we do our head. We find a way to channel stress in a positive way. We choose co-stars to share our journey with who support and inspire us to live our best version of ourselves. We build a home that grounds us and makes us feel safe. We find a creative outlet that feeds our soul and let’s us see a prettier world that is full of opportunity. And, we choose joy. Always.

If we do all this, life will always have its challenging moments but, we will be better prepared for its bumps.

I’m working on it.


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