this crazy life of MINE.

If someone asked to take your picture for 12 hours straight while you just lived your life; would you? {yes!!} I love the camera and jumped at the opportunity to capture real shots of our family just being normal; UNstaged; not perfect. I wanted to have photos of the small everyday expressions, interactions, and routine that really build a family’s dynamic.

Wonkyeye owner and photographer, Christine Whelan asked us to be one of her first “Day In A Life” projects and I am so happy that we did! Christine is the easiest person to share your day with and is unbelievably talented. She captures moments like no one else I know…even the plain, ordinary, everyday moments like these are beautiful.

We have had two earlier family sessions with Christine and I am happy to consider her a friend now.

So, at 8 am Christine arrived with tea in hand and immediately unpacked her camera.

{She arrived to find me with no makeup, not dressed, gulping down coffee, making french toast}

Just before Christine had arrived, Adam asked, “ So, I want to work on the basement today and build our bookshelves. Is that not in the cards today?” Adam disappearing for the day wasn’t my idea of capturing our family’s ‘day in the life’ but, then I thought about it and realized that this was ‘real’. We are renovating our old house and on a typical Sunday morning that IS what Adam would be doing.

{I also didn’t clean the house. I didn’t plan outfits. And, I had no idea of our day’s itinerary or meals}

A typical Langley day includes: tea parties, laundry, movie, walk, beach, playground, cookies, lots of trucks, lunch, dinner, bath time and stories before bed. And, we managed to capture it all with only 1 ouch (Elle) and 1 toddler meltdown (Gray)!

Christine left at bedtime that evening and our typical day was forever captured.

The actual photo shoot was weeks ago. The snow has melted, renovations are getting closer to being finished. Elle has already lost another tooth.

Looking at these photos makes me realize that my life right now is busy, disorderly, exhausting and full of chaos but, it is full of so much love.

Life moves so fast.

It’s nice to stop and remember what a whole day looks like and how lucky I am to have this crazy life of mine.

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