freelance food FUN.

My first freelance piece for Readers Digest is now on News stands! {Excited}. “Food on a Stick” features my original recipes for 4 foods on a stick that are the perfect portable and portion-controlled snacks to take on the go!

Pick up your copy of June’s Readers Digest and try some of the recipes out! {They were tested on my 2 picky eaters at home – aged 5 and 3!}

6 Replies to “freelance food FUN.”

  1. These are awesome Amanda! How did you score this gig? I’m totally inspired – I am always hunting for freelance writing gigs but sometimes I’m not sure where to turn with my ideas!

    1. Thanks. Short answer: Networking! 🙂 I met the food editor for Readers Digest and followed up with her afterward. I would like to do more also. There are a bunch of linkedin groups that post freelance opportunities too.

      1. Cool! Thanks for the tip! I should really get on my linkedin profile and update it (etc.etc.).

        I love your blog! I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep up the awesome work!

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