MY home. away from home.

Yes, I wallpaper my office cubical. Over the top? No way! Who wants to be surrounded by fabric walls all day?! People focus so much of their energy turning a house into a home, they sometimes forget to aim their decorating efforts in another notable direction: the office cubicle.

I think that a cubical office should express who I am, filled as it is with accumulated treasures and trinkets. Considering how much time I spend at work {more hours than I do at home!}, I am surrounded by things that I love and a place that reflects my interests and tastes.

You would be surprised how thrifty it is to transform!

Here is the breakdown:

1 Roll of Wallpaper: $30

Flowers: $6.00 (hint: carnations and daisies last at least 2 weeks!)

Trinkets from home: free! (clocks, fans, vases, containers, canisters, baskets, etc. – anything that isn’t being used or won’t be missed)

Framed pictures: You can find nice frames at Winners for a reasonable price.

Prints/ Art: $20 for all (buy cards and stationary– they are an inexpensive way to add art to your space).

Chalk Board (mine is homemade using a vintage old frame and a board cut to fit painted with chalkboard paint but, you could easily buy one at Staples – perfect for jotting down “to do” lists!)

Old Barn Door: $25 – $40 (antique shops)


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