PROCURING happiness. A new beginning.

On the first day of Spring came the news of a different sort of beginning for me. A new job. And, the comfort in knowing that someone wants ME. This might sound silly to you or maybe a bit dramatic. But, after six months of being orphaned in my job, it became increasingly easy to doubt myself. I like to compare the experience to being a furry resident of a puppy pound and hoping that someone, somewhere might see something in you that they want to adopt.

I watched my department dissolve. Literally. And, where I had worked for over eight years was packed up in to boxes. I have said goodbye to a colleague almost every week since September. It was a long, drawn out process that I will be happy to put behind me. I am not sad to say goodbye because my job doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t belong here any longer.

You will find me working at Procurement Services, a division of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.  As Liaison Officer, I will work with small to medium size businesses and guide them through the procurement process. I will work for departments, agencies, boards, and commissions, seeking unique, creative, sustainable procurement solutions for all of government’s business needs. As a small business owner myself, I am most looking forward to building relationships with companies and providing outreach programs that encourage competitiveness and innovation to Nova Scotia businesses.

I am proud of myself. I didn’t let the darkness of the transition dull my optimism. In fact, I feel more connected to who I am and what I want more than I ever have. A work family isn’t just the people that surround your desk each day. It is a place to belong. I am looking forward to starting fresh, making a new nest and being a part of a work family again.

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