for the love of BOOKS.

I love books.

Books are pieces of art. I love being around books. I don’t know what it is about them but, I can’t resist them.  They are beautiful; open or closed, new or used, hard or soft covered, pictures or words, and old or fresh-off-the-presses.

Books are inspiring. I might never own an IReader just because I love the tactile aspect of books. I am one of those odd individuals who like the smell of old book stores and libraries. And, I sometimes visit a Chapters store just to see all of the neatly stacked book shelves full of colourful jackets and glossy covers and gorgeous typography.

Books are an escape. I wish that I had more time to sit and read. Someday, I will make time to sit for hours, drinking coffee, reading the books I have lovingly collected all these years. But; for now, I keep them as treasured reminders to take time out of my busy day to stop and admire them and take a moment for myself.

I hope there are more people out there like me that want to hold a book, place a name plate inside the cover and keep it forever. Just because.

Here are some books that I want for my coffee table/ book shelf/ bedside table/ forever collection.

Someday I might even read them…


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