Dear WINTER, we are finished.

On a particularly cold Monday morning after a long winter of hibernation, my obsession with all things mint and coral is now out of control. I spent over an hour shopping for mint and coral washi tape on the weekend (not proud of it). It is amazing how many gorgeous patterns of washi tape there are and how many great DIY project ideas I found for it!

We are now days away from Spring and I want to break out of the snowy silence with colour, laughter, and hula hoops! I have drank too much coffee, ate too many heavy casseroles and nested *inside* for much of January and February.

I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the garden! I am craving fresh-from-the-garden salad greens and dining alfresco! I want to run outside without shoes or socks and feel grass between my toes!

The list of “to dos” on our old “project of a home” is long – gallons of paint, replace doorstep, start landscaping, grass seed, new front door, deck, and barbeque… but, most of all, we just want to be outside – no television, laptop or sewing machine required.

So, while I wait for Spring’s arrival, I will continue to dream of all things mint and coral and start planning on outdoor projects. Inspiration board below!

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