job BLIND dates.

I have been on a series of job interviews recently. Generally, I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about companies and the work that they do. But, it just occurred to me – they are a bit like a blind date.  I haven’t actually ever been ON a blind date but, now I think I know why! It’s a scary and mystifying experience.


  1. You are never sure what they are going to look like. Especially when you are meeting them in a public place. 
  2. You look through your wardrobe wondering what to wear that will make a good impression.
  3. There is the same flutter of nervous anticipation in the belly; the same ‘will I like them, will they like me’ thought pattern.
  4. The same mild annoyance that you will have to put on your game face and pretend more confidence than you possess.
  5. Your head is spinning with potential answers to all the questions your date/interviewer will ask.
  6. You both know enough about each other on paper to want to meet each other.
  7. You want to make a good impression but simultaneously, want to “read” the other person as much as possible.
  8. You leave wondering if they will call you.

The real reason for the interview is the same as it is for a blind date – it’s to see if the two of you like each other as people so you can move forward along the same path in some fashion. If you do, great! And if you don’t, it’s best you found out right at the beginning that it wasn’t going to work out.

It’s great to go to interviews but, it’s really all about chemistry and that’s the hardest part to finding a job *partner* that you love.

Fingers crossed.

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