One day. In my dream HOUSE.

I have always had these visions of my home and what I wanted it to be. And then my two bouncing babies came crashing into my life. I was in survival mode, and I would sit back and think “One day. In my dream house.” Like I was barbie waiting for her little plastic mansion to materialize from thin air. And then reality slapped me in the face and I realized that, as morbid as this might sound, I might not ever get my ‘dream house’ if I keep waiting for it.

Do we tend to focus too much on someday, rather than embrace the now?

If my children have taught me anything, its to embrace the here and the now. To love life for what it is… perfectly imperfect. That’s a hard lesson for me to learn. I’m still working on it.

One day. In my DREAM house…

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