FARM GIRL in the city.

I love the city. I love the smell, sound, energy, fashion, architecture, food, inspiration; and culture. Having just returned from a visit to the “big city” of Toronto, I am reminded of my love affair with city life.

But; my, heart. It belongs to something a little bit more simple.

My parents grew up in the country and I spent many summers at their childhood homes. The country is where I feel most at peace with the world and the only time I truly live IN the moment. My country has beaches, working farms and no agendas; bonfires, jam making, lazy afternoons and sun porch swings; scrabble, the smell of fresh bread, and quiet; time to reflect, celebrate, re-connect and hibernate.

But, as much as I love being in, near, and around country living, my life and work is in the city. And, Halifax is a great city to call home. I am blessed because the country is just a short truck drive away!